“For the Veio Park, its name is enough”

Giorgio Polesi

Regional Park of Veio President


The Regional Natural Park of Veio, with its 14,984 hectares, is the fourth largest park in Lazio and was established in the late 1990s (regional law no. 29 of 1997). It extends north of Rome between the Via Flaminia and the Via Cassia and includes the so-called Agro Veientano, in an area where the naturalistic and historical-cultural components blend in a landscape of particular value. In the park there are nine municipalities: Campagnano di Roma, Castelnuovo di Porto, Formello, Magliano Romano, Mazzano Romano, Morlupo, Riano, Sacrofano and the 15th Municipality of the Municipality of Rome; the latter with an area of 7,000 hectares covers almost half of the protected area.