Wine as an expression
of a territory.


The project

We believe that wine is the fruit of great human knowledge, a heritage to be protected and promoted. The Borgo del Baccano company is located in an area rich in history and naturalistic beauties. Near the Veio Regional Park and the Bracciano and Martignano Natural Regional Park, along the Via Francigena and near the ancient Cassia. Here the “Mansio Ad Vacanas” and the famous mosaics of Villa dei Severi have been found and the graphic design of our PIANA DEL MOSAICO wine line is inspired by them.
We believe that the products of the earth are an expression of the place and of the people who have accompanied and characterized this territory for centuries.


Giorgio Polesi

President of the Veio Regional Park

Daniele Badaloni

Director of the Regional Natural Park of Bracciano and Martignano

Dionisio Moretti

Expert in cultural heritage

Giada Venanzini

Art historian


Matilda Pedrini

Borgo del Baccano Administrator

Annibale Gozzi

Consultant agronomist

Mourad Ouada

Consultant oenologist

Giulio Patrizi

Designer & Art Director


The company

The Borgo del Baccano farm was founded in 2021 in Campagnano di Roma and is located precisely in the “Valle del Baccano” area located within an extinct volcanic crater. The surface on which it extends has a capacity of about 53 ha and develops in hilly terrain with wonderful exposures.

All the crops planted (vineyards, olive groves, ancient fruits, etc.) will have the organic denomination with particular attention to the techniques of fertilization and processing of the absolutely natural soils.


Our wines



Indicazione Geografica Tipica




Indicazione Geografica Tipica



Listen to the earth,
It will tell you a story.